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  1. 100 Days of A11y
  2. Resources

100 Days of A11y

Inspired by Amy Carney’s 100 Days of A11y blog, I have decided to blog my way through the CPACC body of knowledge as I study to become a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC). I plan to write and publish new blog posts once or twice a week as I study for the CPACC exam.

  1. What is CPACC and What Am I Doing?
  2. Let’s Disambiguate Some Terms
  3. Theoretical Models of Disability
  4. General Types of Disabilities


Here you can find links to accessibility-focused newsletters, blogs, reference sites, and more. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of such resources. (There are so many out there!) Rather, it is meant to be my roundup of resources that I find especially valuable.

Email Newsletters

  • Accessibility Weekly: A weekly email newsletter about web accessibility, curated by David A. Kennedy.
  • Microassist’s Accessibility in the News: A weekly accessibility newsletter curated by Jack McElaney. This is a roundup of accessibility news from across the world, touching on both physical and digital accessibility.
  • Accessibility Matters: IAAP’s monthly newsletter.
  • Happening this Week: IAAP’s weekly newsletter. This newsletter is especially useful for finding out about accessibility events and webinars.
  • WebAIM Newsletter: WebAIM’s monthly newsletter on web accessibility.
  • T12T’s Newsletter: T12t is a Swedish accessibility group. They have a good English-language newsletter that comes out sporadically.

Podcasts, Videos, & Meet-ups

  • A11y Rules Podcast: A podcast about web accessibility hosted by Nicolas Steenhout.
  • A11y Talks: Monthly virtual meet-ups on digital accessibility.
  • A11y Bay: Bay Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design meet-up group.


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